One of the best discount brokers in india – Zerodha

By | February 5, 2017
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Technological advancement has made it possible to have lot of innovations in trading and investment domain. In the current era lot of traditional brokers are facing stiff competition from new age brokerage service providers like Zerodha & SAMCO which have come up with massive discounts on brokerages.

For a Stock or Commodity trader any net profit is calculated after deduction of brokerage charges (paid to brokers with whom thy have Demat Account) and mandatory Security Transaction charges (paid to exchanges). Thus with huge savings on brokerages there’s obvious increase in net profit margin for traders.

Whether one is a small trader or a trader with big capital – any savings on brokerage charges is additional benefit for them.


I would like to focus discussion on why Zerodha is one of the best discount brokers in India:


  1. Massive savings in terms of brokerage charges for Traders and investors.
  2. Ease and simplicity of operating the Demat account. Both Web & mobile trading platforms are best amongst its peers.
  3. Simple account opening process. One can open account online from anywhere by just filling up the online form.
  4. With its Kite mobile application one can trade or transact on the move.



You can check for yourself how much savings on brokerages can one have with this easy brokerage calculator.

 Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

Whatever segment you trade in, just check it for yourself.


If you haven’t opened up a Demat account yet or want to shift from current brokerage services then I suggest to immediately open an Online account with Zerodha.

How to open Demat account with zerodha?

You can straight – way visit their website and fill the basic details – their executives will help you with opening of account.

Click here to Open Demat Account with Zerodha right Now.

One thought on “One of the best discount brokers in india – Zerodha

  1. Raghav

    Yes. Zerodha has revolutionized the trading industry. I am using zerodha for quite some time. They are continuously innovating with new product additions like coin, smallcase, sensibull etc.


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