Intraday trading videos on how to make money from share market

By | August 29, 2016
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 The post will tell you how I tripled my trading capital within a month.

I get lot of messages from my subscribers where people tell me that they don’t have much money to start trading, or that they made lot of losses in previous trades that not much money is left with them.

In the month of August I decided to demonstrate how one can begin trading with small capital and still generate steady monthly income with it.

You will see how one can steadily grow the trading capital month after month.

In the process I tripled my trading capital within a month.

Believe me if you have right strategy and right technique you can start trading with amount as low as Rs. 15000.


Below is the live performance video of my personal trading account wherein I did trades with capital of Rs. 12000 and made Rs.5450 in intraday with just 30 minutes of trades.

More Live video of Trade book showing performance of our trading methods:

Intraday Profit of Rs. 11100 on capital of Rs. 50000.

(Select HD for better viewership)

People have even asked me whether my trading strategies and techniques would help them in recovering their losses.

Also number of questions that I get is on the accuracy and success rate of the techniques and strategies that are discussed in Tradvantage’s eLearning Course.

To answer all these questions I decided to set up a trading account with small trading capital.

In the month of August 2016 I started trading with an initial capital of Rs. 30000 and within a week I grew it to Rs. 60000 account using simple techniques (No technical Analysis).  My target was to make maximum gain within a month, but I achieved it in just a week’s time.

Trading profits and performance

Trading profits and performance

This was done to demonstrate how simple Trading techniques can be used in intraday trades while starting to trade with trading capital of as low as Rs.15000.

Again there was no technical analysis involved in it, No Stock tips, no television commentary. In fact when I trade my television set is off.

Following is the video from my trading platform where in Trades were made with capital of Rs. 40000 and profits generated were Rs. 17225 (includes brokerage).

(Select HD for better viewership)

There were  Number of days when trades were made with 100% success & accuracy rate.


More trades with 100 % success rate:







If me and my family members (my wife and Father both use same methods) could generate 90-100% success rate with these simple and highly profitable trading techniques, then you can easily achieve 80-85% success rate. And with that you can build up your wealth with consistent daily and monthly income.

Moreover, there is no technical analysis involved, no software, no complex calculations, no stock tips ever required. It involves simple, straight techniques.

In my endeavour to demonstrate how much can you earn with these simple techniques, I quickly moved up into the list of top 50 traders in the “Indian Traders League” competition.



Here’s further update on my trading results in the month of August.

Our winning streak continued as I made few more days of consecutive profitable trades.




there’s no reason whatsoever to not to learn these simple trading techniques and make it part of your daily schedule.

What’s the better way to beat the inflation every single day!

What’s the better way to generate easy income to pay for your monthly EMIs!

Who doesn’t want to join the league of people who make successive profitable trades!

Who doesn’t want to see money getting credited to their accounts every day!

Well you don’t need to go anywhere, you get to learn everything from comfort of your home from a real trader who has real verified proof of his trades.

The Tradvantage’s Stock Trading ecourse will teach you everything you need to know if you want to start trading  in the simplest and the most profitable way possible.

What you will learn:

  •  We’ll start with an easy-to-follow instructions and step by step guide so you can start making money right away
  • Next you’ll learn how to select stocks for trades.
  • You’ll learn how to increase your percentage of winning trades.
  • You’ll find out a simple strategy and trading plan that will help you double your capital every three months without any risk.
  • And you’ll see first-hand how easy it can be to grow a small account into a big account with consistent profits on daily and monthly basis.

You’ll never look at the stock market the same way again.

No matter what you do.

Allowing you to double your money 5 times faster than regular investors.

Using simple tricks and techniques that can change performance literally overnight.

Because you will have discovered the key to unlocking unlimited income potential…

Income that’s been previously hidden from you.

Now’s the time to take charge of your income…

Whether you’re building for retirement, or looking to increase your monthly income … these are the techniques, the skill set that will allow you to do it.

Norman Vincent Peale, author of the famous book, The Power of Positive Thinking…

Said that whenever he needed to make an important decision, he’d ask himself two questions.

The first: “If I do this, what will my life be like five years from now?”

And the second: “If I don’t do this, what will my life be like in five years?”

It will only take a few minutes…

To get started on a lifetime of wealth and opportunity.

Or will you miss out on the real, life-changing income opportunities?

Watch this video which shows how to take right decisions to succeed in every walk of life.

Thank you very much for your time.

Happy Trading till next post!

For any clarification,doubts or queries you can always connect with me via WhatApp, SMS, Call or Email.

~   Deepak From Tradvantage Academy

17 thoughts on “Intraday trading videos on how to make money from share market

  1. AD

    I joined Tradvantage course 3 months back. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. What a wonderful courseware you have designed for traders like us who would otherwise only be losing money on trading because of faulty methods or random tips providers.

    Good Job Deepak Sir.

  2. Shubham

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here! I have been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

  3. Jyoti Rastogi

    I am a Housewife. I want to learn trading. Is it possible me to learn it online from my home?

    1. Tradvantage TeamTradvantage Team Post author

      Hello Mam,

      Yes, it’s absolutely possible to learn all the trading techniques & strategies right from your home and at your own comfort time.
      We have designed simplest of simple trading course to let everyone learn it anytime from anywhere.
      Please connect with us on care[tradvantage[dot]in or 7030290174. We will guide you with registration process and how to start on with the learning process.

      Tradvantage Support

  4. Kapur

    You have maintained a good blog.
    Liked going through the posts.

    Most of the posts are related to trading activity.
    Do you have any advice on investments. Short as well as long term stocks for investments?

  5. Pradeep M S


    I have a question, since you have demonstrated how powerful your trading techniques are, then why have you kept the course fee so low?

    I have done technical analysis course by paying Rs 25000 but I am still making losses with my trades. I find it difficult to use all those indicators and analysis. While you claim you don’t teach technical analysis yet your methods are very profitable with above 90% accuracy.

    Very interesting and amazing.
    Since your fee is low compared to others I have decided to join your course. Really want to test your techniques.

  6. Srikant Tagde

    Most of the sites I find is of people providing share market tips by charging monthly fees.
    But here you are teaching how to trade, techniques and strategies neessary for it.

    I am a retired teacher. I always discouraged spoon feeding. I like what you are doing.

    Srikant Tagde,

  7. D D


    This week I made about 65% profits on my trading capital. My ranking in Indian traders league too proved.
    Deepak Sir, your techniques have made it easy for me to trade in between my work.
    Previously I had subscribed to stock trading tips, for 6 months I paid them fees, but I never worked for me. Lost some amount of money. Most of the time I could not even enter the trades for the trading calls given before opening of markets or during the markets as stock would move even before the entry.
    Whenever I entered the trade either prices stabilize or start to move in opposite direction.

    After going through Tradvantage Academy’s course I now trade comfortably with accuracy around 85-90%. In the trades that doesn’t work, I mostly get out my cost.

    With my personal experience I can very well say that Mr. Deepak’s strategies are extremely beneficial. Any serious trader or investor should contact him to learn these techniques.
    And he’s right when he says that no technical analysis is required. He has got excellent trading plan with simple strategies.
    One doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

    Thank You Deepak Bhai.

    Dipankar Das, Kharagpur.

  8. Kedar

    I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

    I have been trading from last 4 months, but my accuracy is just around 50-55%. Really want to increase it to at least 85%. I think there is fault with my trading methods. Most of the times I do on gut feeling.

    I want to register for your course to learn techniques on share trading. Just want to confirm is it without ant technical analysis? I have already done some courses on technical analysis, but they are of little help to me.

    If your techniques can be used without technical analysis and as shown by you if I am able to even get 85-90% accuracy with it then that will be great.

  9. Vani patel

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.
    Have subscribed to the blog and will often come back. It definitely encourages new traders.

  10. Sreshtha

    Hi, very inspiring post. Really want to learn how to make continuous profitable trades. Continuous 10 profitable trades, awesome man!

  11. Priyanka Talwar

    I am interested in the course. I am from Thane.
    Please send me the details sir.

    1. Tradvantage TeamTradvantage Team Post author

      Plz get in touch with us via email on care[at] or via phone/WhatsApp/SMS on 7030290174

  12. Harshal

    I’m a medical student. Have no knowledge about stock market but want to learn and start trading.
    Will the course help me?
    Which one should I start with Gold or stock trading?

    1. Tradvantage TeamTradvantage Team Post author

      Yes. the course will definitely help you. For further details contact us via email on care [at] or via phone/WhatsApp/SMS on 7030290174


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