Are you missing an opportunity to add an extra stream of income?

By | October 21, 2015
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stock trading


I’m writing this post as lot of  people have been asking me on Twitter, Facebook, Email and Whatsapp about how to get started with trading especially intraday trading.

In this digital age, things move fast. We message to our friends/relatives at click of a button, do video chats and see them at that very moment. We now do shopping on our mobiles and things are delivered to us in a day or two. That’s what technological advancements have done to our lifestyles. Certainly financial markets are not untouched by these digital technologies.

We can buy/sell shares, mutual funds; check, review and apply for insurance policies, all online.

We can trade or invest in stocks just from palm of our hands via smartphones and tablets.

Now coming back to the actual question of – are you really missing on an extra income generation opportunity?

I’m talking about “Trading in stocks” be it day trading or positional short term trades (this depends on time at one’s disposal)

Whatever field you are into, everyone has set their financial goal and accordingly having a financial plan.

Personally I have separated my goals and objectives as far as trading and investing goes.

That’s earnings from intra-day trading and long term investing goals. I have kept 25% of my capital for intra-day & short-term positional trades (trades that last for 2 days- 1 week) and rest of my money goes into long term investing.

I will get to why I love intra-day trading?

First, I don’t need lot of capital for it.

In fact on a typical normal day I just use Rs.25000- 40000 for intraday positions. And on that I make anywhere from Rs.2000-8000 per day without much risk. I have set my daily earnings target of Rs.3000-4000. Considering 20-22 trading days per month, at least I make Rs.60000 on the capital of Rs.35000.

Daily Profits


This is not even full-time income just a part-time, which adds and supplements to my monthly income. It’s more than enough to pay for my Car EMIs, credit card bills, monthly expenses.

And how much time do I allot for intra-day trading?

Since I already have my target set, I don’t have to give my whole day to it.  My trade system and strategies just get me to my targets in 2-3 hours; sometimes it’s just 15-20 mins. On some tough days it stretches to 4-5 hrs but then I’m not glued to my laptop/computer whole time.

One more thing – I only do Options trading in Nifty or news based trending/momentum stocks. No leveraged cash margin trading. Because sometimes volatility is so high your stop losses get hit.

I just choose 1-2 stocks a night before based on technical parameters and news in it. Whether it’s positive or negative news doesn’t matter. Just news enough to give a substantial movement in its stock price the next day. My favourite is Nifty options. It gives lot of trading opportunities whole day.  With right strategy, right timing and disciplined execution it’s easy to make Rs.3000-4000 just in one trade per day in Nifty Options.

Discipline is the key here. Always keep your Stop loss and Targets in mind. Get out of it as soon as it hits either of it. Your Exit and Entry points should be well defined, even before the execution of trade.

As far as my personal trading setup goes, I consider 9.30 a.m- 11.30 a.m and 1.30 p.m-3.30 p.m best time slots to make some quick bucks and get out. Many a time I have reached my target within 10-15 mins and by 10.30 a.m I’m free to do my other work. DON’T OVER TRADE. Once your target for the day is reached, sign out of your trading account. That’s keeping your emotions in control. No Greed No Fear.

We are not here to get rich in a single day nor we are into any get rich scheme.

Slowly but surely when you add your daily profits you will find that you have made a substantial money at the end of the month.

Also the monthly income of Rs.60000-Rs.100000 that I make from day trading gives me enough money to build up my long term investment portfolio. I invest all the extra income into high dividend paying blue-chip and mid-cap stocks.

Smartphones have made trading a lot easier.


The best part of digital revolution is you don’t need to be seated at one place. You can trade while you work, keeping an eye on market and your stock positions via apps. The brokerage firms have come with apps for all the operating systems whether you own Android, Windows or iOS based smartphones or tablets.

                                                       My Mobile Trading Screenshot

Mobile Trading

Whether one is in office (working professionals) or in Kitchen (housewives) you can trade effortlessly everyday without disrupting your daily routine.

Trading is simple but not easy. When I say not easy I mean you need to learn few of the technical parameters associated with stocks and trading. It helps in spotting ideas and opportunities to trade. Of course it’s not tough but you need to give some time to it. Then you need a trading plan for yourself based on your financial objectives and risk profile.

You can learn about how to set your trading plan and accordingly choose your strategies here.


Do share your trading experiences in the comment section below.







11 thoughts on “Are you missing an opportunity to add an extra stream of income?

  1. Virendra Kharpade

    Hi, I want to know isn’t day trading risky? I’m a long term investor. Never tried my hand in trading. How much can one make in a day from trading?

  2. Lahiri

    Any good website or books for learning about stock markets?

  3. Snehal Raguwanshi

    Excellent and inspiring blog. I have been doing intraday trading from few months. I’m a housewife, I started looking after my husbands investments through his demat account. And that’s how I got interested in Day Trading. Most of the time I do trades based on daily tips that are shown on TV channels like CNBC TV18.

    Recently I have started reading on technical analysis and technical indicators. Which technical indicators do you use for day trading?

  4. Roshan

    It was my excitement locating your site this morning. I arrived here just now hoping to uncover interesting things. And I was not disappointed. Your ideas about new tactics on this topic were helpful and a good help to us. Thank you for leaving out time to create these things and for sharing your notions.

  5. MK

    Wonderful to read about your success in trading. You are making regular income from stock market trading, right?

    It doesn’t look that simple as you have explained here.

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  7. Sudipta B

    I was looking for something that could engage me, this one looks nice. Inspired by this article I have applied for a demat account.
    Also have taken your eCourse. My husband and I both are studying it. Looking forward to start on with trading. ??

    1. Ruby BasaraRuby Basara Post author

      Hi Sudipta,

      Nice to hear that because of this article you have decided to open a demat account for trading purposes.

      Do share your experiences here.

  8. Virendra Khar

    I’m interested in learning about options trading. Want guidance on it.

    Thank you.

    1. Ruby BasaraRuby Basara Post author


      You can start on by going through our Trading course, it has everything that you need to know about different trading sets.


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